The benefits of learning Ancient Greek

Learning Ancient Greek at a young age is beneficial because:

– They are introduced to the basis of most European languages

– They realize the similarities of many words they frequently use, especially in science, literature and the arts.

– Learning etymology, helps them spell right

– They learn the abundance of Greek vocabulary that has been given in foreign languages

– They learn the aesthetics of the greek culture through visual media and art (pottery, architecture, sculpture, etc.)

– It helps with learning problems as, according to research, the systematic learning of Ancient Greek helps children with dyslexia, attention deficit, etc.

– It acquaints students with tradition and customs

– The dramatization of texts sharpens observation and memory and helps children learn faster and in a more enjoyable way.

– It brings them in contact with standards and values ​​that will help them in their adult life

– Learning History in an experiential way helps them understand better and never forget the basics.

– Our students are always our center of interest and care and they guide us in the course of our teaching. We promote research, observation and communication, so that they reach the answers and conclusions on their own.